Diamond Platnumz Losing Hanstone Possible Reasons Are These

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz and singer Hanstone /FILE

This young man to the point of giving up his Ip angrily in case of the loss of Diamond, Diamond may be disappointed by some of the insults that befall him when he lifts these little ones then later they gain the skills wizbing wcb emerge people like H fathers and mwijaku start insulting him.

Imagine Harmonize when he was released from the dungeon in diamond and taught him life and brought him to the map of art, when he was weaving the beauties were not there and did not help him now out they are pretending to know him.
I see now the world is shocked that everyone is carrying his cross, now is the time for the Fathers and my son to see Hanstone now to push him to be a star they are not waiting for someone to be lifted wcb then let them come and pretend to know him.