DJ Afro Amingos – Latest Kihindi Movies 2022

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Popular Kenyan disc jockey and Indian movie translator, DJ Afro Amigos, aka Kemonda, is back with a new style of translation called Kihindi movies.

Most Kenyans, sooner or later, have watched DJ Afro’s movies. He is, by a wide margin, the most popular film analyst in Kenya. Truth be told, in certain areas, a group gets together and pays a modest quantity of money to watch a DJ Afro Kihindi movie.

The movies are fun and draw you in with his silly voice getting through the screen. This has made it feasible for individuals in Kenya and even Tanzania to watch and learn about how a film is streaming, regardless of whether it is in a language they don’t have any idea about.

DOWNLOAD DJ Afro Amigos – Latest Kihindi Movies 2022

(Kihindi movie) Part. 1

(Kihindi movie) Part. 2

(Kihindi movie) Part. 3

(Kihindi movie) Part. 4

(Kihindi movie) Part. 5