Do You Need Size 8’s Latest Album, Gospel Anthem?

Do You Need Size 8's Latest Album, Gospel Anthem?

Size 8 debuted her highly anticipated gospel CD album, named “Gospel Anthem,” on Sunday at an invite-only event at the Panari Hotel.

The mother of two told during the ceremony that the record would be utilized to alter the lives of many people in society.

“This record is a devotion to my followers, and it is all about what God has done for me,” she explained, adding that it portrays the gospel business.

Size 8’s record features gospel artist David Wonder, Peter Blessings, Pitson and Pombe hitmaker Iyanii, and others.

Size 8 Reborn and DJ Mo. | Photo: Courtesy

Her spouse, DJ Mo, has announced that their debut single will be released today.

He stated that his passion for the record was aided by organizing and ensuring that the essential mental and physical support was provided.

It’s not simple to plan an album, let alone master it. It takes a lot of effort. When you see someone working on an album, you can see it’s a lot of labor, commitment, and so on. I had to make her shine and make sure everything went smoothly because I couldn’t just be a husband and not support my wife. ”

Do You Need Size 8’s Latest Album, Gospel Anthem?

“The album will be accessible on Safaricom’s Baze and Boomplay.”

Mo stated that his favorite song is “Songa,” which is a Valentine’s Day present for each other.

Ringtone and Mo fight during album launch

Another song, Niwewe, is about her “connection with God and how it will influence lives.”

Mr. T, Kymo and his wife, Prophetess Monicah, Pastor Kelvin and his wife, Kabi Wa Jesus and his wife Milly, Moji Short Baba, and others were among those who attended the invitation-only celebration.

Size8 and her husband . | Instagram