Download The KenCash Loan App, Apply For Loans, And Pay Back With Mpesa

Download the KenCash Loan App, apply for loans, and pay back with Mpesa.
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KenCash is a personal mobile loans service that uses M-Pesa to provide quick loans in Kenya. KenCash Product Team is in charge of the app.

Interest Rates and Loan Limits for KenCash Loans

Loans ranging from ksh 10,000 to ksh 100,000 are disbursed immediately to the borrower’s Mpesa wallet.

KenCash charges an annual percentage rate (APR) of 12 percent to 18 percent.

Please Download the KenCash App from the Google Play Store and establish an account to begin receiving loans from this lender.

How to Pay Back a KenCash Loan

The repayment duration ranges from 91 to 360 days. Borrowers can pay from within the app without providing their KenCash Paybill number when the repayment is due.

Contacts with KenCash

You can contact KenCash customer service using the email address listed below. However, there are currently no mobile phone numbers available.

  • is the email address to send an email to.