EACC needs 4 billion shillings 8 points to tackle corruption

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in Kenya needs approximately 4.8 billion shillings to fully address corruption in the country.

The commission said that part of the money would be used to search for and seize property and recruit staff.
The commission had been allocated 3.3 billion shillings in the current expenditure period.
The annual report shows that the commission helped seize public property worth 26.7 billion shillings and prevented the loss of more than 136 billion shillings in public funds.
The commission’s chief executive officer Twalib Mbarak told a news agency in Mombasa that the commission needed to employ 750 more staff to achieve its goals and activities.
He said that the money allocated to the commission in the budget is not enough especially considering the huge work needed to be done by the commission.