Eric Omondi Claims The Entertainment Industry in The Country is Dead

Just days after starring in a comedy drama with his ‘baby mama’ Jackie Maribe, Eric Omondi has now decided to interfere with Kenyan musicians.

The flamboyant comedian has used his Instagram page to call on Kenyan musicians to work harder while claiming that the country’s entertainment industry is dead.
Omondi has pressured artists to wake up claiming that many of them are exhausted, careless and exhausted.
“We have become unwanted, unpredictable and boring. We need to work harder to regain lost glory. We must invest in art. God knows I am trying as hard as I can,” Omondi said.
Omondi has claimed that Sauti Sol, rapper Khalighraph Jones and gospel musician Bahati is the only hope for the country’s entertainment industry.
However he said that their dominance in the arts has been declining since they got married.
“The first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge that our music industry is not the same. My message is that we lost something and my idea is that we can find it and get it back. I can’t sit back and watch our music industry sleep and be completely silent, I just have to open my soul. @sautisol why am I flattering you. WAKE UP LORD !!! AMKENIIIII YOU’RE SLEEPING and that is the GREAT FACT !!!!
Many netizens including several artists such as Jua Cali, Khaligraph, Bien, Femi One and Svara have come out to criticize Omondi’s words.