Facebook Cost Before Starting Using a New Name

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The owner of social networking company Facebook Mark Zuckerberg may have to wait a while before he can start using his company’s new name and logo. A few days ago, Mark announced that they had decided to change the name and call the company “Meta”.

It has been revealed that there are people who have a title deed “Meta” and its logo and want to be paid $ 20 million before releasing Mark’s name.

In August this year, the founders of a company called Meta PC registered the logo with that name and obtained copyright. The company is responsible for sales of computers, equipment and other technological products.

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Joe Darger and Zack Shutt, say they have been running their business for more than a year but recently decided to register their name and logo to get copyright.

The request of the two has not been granted but they are one step ahead of Zuckerberg so he cannot use the logo and name Meta.

Meny feel that the amount of money the two are claiming is huge but have defended it saying if they release Mark Zuckerberg their logo they will have to make major changes to their company.

They will have to search for another name and logo and that may cost them.