Fahyvanny Is Attacked by Paula Kajala, Their Fighting for Rayvanny [PHOTOS]

Fahyvanny Is Attacked by Paula Kajala, Their Fighting for Rayvanny [PHOTOS]

Fahyma Abdul moniker Fahyvanny who became renowned due to her relationship with Raymond Shaban otherwise known as Rayvanny is moving once more.

The explanation? Her substitution, Paula Kajala, has decided to pursue the mother of Rayvanny’s lone youngster.

In a new post on her Instagram page, Paula got down on Fahyma after she had asserted that Rayvanny was her significant other in a TikTok video.

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Paula Kajala’s Tik-Tok. /Photo Courtesy

In the video, Fahyma can be heard singing the Wangu melody by Nadia Mukami and Sanaipei Tande as she references her child daddy, saying that he is still her hubby in spite of Paula’s endeavors to get him.

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Her trap clearly worked with Paula giving a harsh reaction to Fay asking her how the Bongo artiste was her hubby, at this point they weren’t hitched?

Unintentionally, later on, Fahyma post a message on her online media where she wailed over the way that she was single.

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Fahyvanny’s Instagram Screenshot. /Photo Courtesy

She went on to say that she couldn’t live like that again since she was exhausted and that she was missing Rayvanny’s kiss and love.