Former KRA Officer Loses 278 Million Shillings

Former KRA Officer Loses 278 Million Shillings

The country’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has filed a lawsuit seeking the release of 278 million shillings worth of assets belonging to a former KRA official.

The commission says it has completed an investigation and found that between January 2012 and January 2021, the officer, Jeremiah Kinyua, acquired wealth that was not related to his income.

In October 2021, the court issued a six-month injunction, banning the sale of the officer’s property worth 192 million shillings and his car worth five million shillings.

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Now the EACC commission wants those assets whose value has increased to be returned to the government.

The commission’s investigation revealed that Kinyua received large sums of money through various bank accounts whose source was not identified.

The commission suspects that the money was a bribe given to Kinyua in line with his responsibilities in the KRA council.

On Thursday, Judge Esther Maina issued an injunction restraining Kinyua from developing or selling five plots of land worth 69 million shillings.