Gengetone Artist Miracle Baby Was Caught by CCTV Chewing Man’s Wife in a Woman’s Bedroom

Gengetone contemporary musician Miracle Baby has shocked many after he was found by a man’s wife in his room chewing her badly.

The shocking thing this artist has done is post videos and pictures of himself chewing on someone else’s wife.

According to eyewitnesses, Miracle Baby has grown accustomed to entering the house where the woman lives with her husband.

Artist Miracle frequently waits for the woman’s husband to leave before devouring his wife.

“This is my wife and I have endured so much hardship. I just heard that my wife is being raised by a certain Gengetone artist called Miracle Baby. I decided to buy CCTV and keep it at home… without telling my wife. Then I left. Shortly after I left, she called the guy despite knowing that CCTV was catching up with what they were doing, “her husband said.

Don’t forget that a man’s wife is poison and people kill each other for things like this.

Check out the photos.