Give Me a Child or I Marry Another Wife – Drama as Atwoli Says His Wife Can’t Have Children

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Merry Kilobi and her husband. PHOTO/POSTZOTE.COM

Drama was withnessed today later COTU secretary General Francis Atwoli sabotaged his wife, Mary Kilobi, that he will marry one more wife if she will not envision in the accompanying fourteen days.

The trade unionists, while having a social event at his home in Kajiado with old people from Kilobi’s family, revealed to them he has been attempting to ensure his life partner gets pregnant anyway all continually.

Left to right, a group photo of Merry Kilobi’s mother and her husband Francis Atwoli, were welcomed into the living house at Merry Kilobi’s home on November 29, 2021. /INSTAGRAM

The 71 years old garish head honcho, affirms that she ought to have a child with Kilobi, who ought to guarantee she considers in the accompanying fourteen days or face the fury.

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Excited Atwoli, who was moreover tending to intimate Wrangles among him and his 37 years old companion, exhibited that Kilobi had deluded him that she was pregnant for north of 5 months.

He added that there will be a discipline in case she will not get pregnant and have a child with him.

Atwoli says that he really have perseverance concerning treasure making and that he has identified a young and beautiful lady who will supersede Kilobi if she doesn’t get pregnant for him.