He Infected Me With HIV/AIDS That’s Why I Immediately Filed for a Divorce – Governor Hassan Joho’s Wife Opens Up


It has been several days since Medina Giovanni Fazzini, the wife of Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage.

Joho Medina, a half Italian and half Somali woman, has decided to explain the main reason she filed for a divorce from her husband and left home, leaving children behind.

Giovanni Fazzini opened the data on his phone and logged on to Instagram and said this.

It was not my fault. I was asking for a divorce and the departure of Hassan Joho. I was very patient with this. He infected me with HIV and AIDS. That’s why I demanded a quick divorce. Said Medina.

A report by Citizen Digital said the legal documents were recorded at the Mombasa Chief Kadhi’s court on January 26, 2022.

In the records, Madina, who is half Italian and half Somali, let the court know that she and Joho were isolated in 2013.

She went on to say that after 9 years apart, the two have little chance of reviving their bombed marriage.

Lead representative 001 and Fazzini were wed in February 2011, and a few have two kids, ages nine and eight.

Perusing a piece of the reports recorded in court, “I’m clear and unequivocal that our marriage has separated hopelessly without any opportunity of restoration, given we have both continued on throughout the long term,” peruses a piece of the reports.

Fazzini went on to say that after isolating himself, Joho quickly left their marital home, leaving her to care for their two young children.

Fazzini and her youngsters then, at that point, left the home in September 2020.

“Since the respondent, Joho, moved out of our wedding home in June 2013, the substance of our marriage has disseminated and has no premise to be supported from a lawful and social viewpoint,” she said.