Here is the penniless man that Felesta Njoroge was dating before she met her extremely rich Belgian sweetheart, who gifted her Ksh 102 Million

Felesta Njoroge is the freshest tycoon around after her Belgian beau De Mesel Marc wired Ksh 102 Million to her ledger-bank.

The gigantic amount of cash saved in her record confounded analysts, inciting the Assets Recovery Agency to call her.
Resources Recovery Agency has now requested of the court to concede them orders to freeze Felesta’s Co-operative ledger-bank, on doubt that she might be important for an illegal tax avoidance organization including outsiders.
Be that as it may, she demands the cash is a certifiable gift from her Belgian beau.
Before the 21-year-old woman handled the ‘bonanza’, she was only a common hawker.
A photograph of the broke man that she was dating before she fell head over heels for her Belgian sweetheart De Mesel Mac, who is supposed to be a bitcoin extremely rich person, has arisen.
She was envisioned getting soft in a dirty bar with her broke ex.
With Ksh 102 Million in her financial balance, she would now be able to bear to go out on the town in a portion of the world’s most costly inns.
See this moving photograph of the said woman and her ex.