How To Earn Money In Kenya By Creating Comedy Videos And Publish On YouTube

How to earn money in Kenya by creating comedy videos on YouTube that goes viral by using your smartphone-android. Making money from internet viral content isn’t easy? 
But one YouTuber has shared her tips so you can reap the rewards without having to stand in the freezing cold.
Vlogger Leanne Nguyen is the brainchild behind the Hot Dance Moves blog, a website where she shares her own vlogs and also help others who want to make money from their favourite internet videos.
The former finance major started out posting tutorials about how to make money from Youtube, but has now branched out to offer more insight into how to make money from content that goes viral.
“It was just my personal exploration into how I could make money doing what I loved,” she said.
Although she admits that it’s quite difficult to be a go-to person for advice on how to make money, she says she loves helping people.
“If someone emails me asking for help on how to make money from their videos, I will always respond.”
First shoot videos with your android smartphone then download Kinemaster from Play Store then start editing your videos, you’re ready to go create your YouTube channel account then upload you content.