I am very convincing when I shoot my shot – King Kalala on how approaching men easily

It’s uncommon for women to move toward men and open up with regards to their sentiments towards them. The majority of them cause it to appear to be something exceptional and anecdotal.

In any case, some really dare to do that. Point of fact, web-based media has carried the vast majority into the spotlight.
Ruler Kalala, whose genuine name is Prudence Chepkirui Tanui, is one of them. 
The substance maker and radio moderator previously turned into a web sensation after a video she posted grumbling that her beau was gay and didn’t tell her.
The video even assisted her with stowing a job at NRG radio as a moderator; making her one of the most youthful to get such a job. What makes her obvious is her vocals.
She has even been nicknamed ‘the female Andrew Kibe’.
This is a result of their likenesses in placing ‘no channel in the most natural sounding way for them and discussing unequivocal subjects serenely.