I Made the Decision Not to End My Career – Aisha Jumwa Addresses Divorce Rumors

Aisha Jumwa

Aisha Jumwa, a Malindi MP, has addressed rumors about her divorce from her ex-husband.

In a recent interview, the politician denied that she had abandoned her spouse, claiming that he had given her an ultimatum to choose between the marriage and politics.

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“I was given the option of continuing my political career or continuing to be his wife, and I chose not to end my career,” she stated.

She indicated that following her divorce, she chose to take a sabbatical from marriage and that she is not accountable to any man, according to the fervent DP William Ruto supporter.

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Aisha Jumwa and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. /PHOTO: COURTESY

“I am not a wife to anybody, and I am not responsible to any guy on this planet. When I was elected to the Takaungu MCA, the guy (her ex-husband) stated he couldn’t marry a politician “she said.

Despite being divorced, Jumwa has indicated that she has a particular someone in her life, however she did not elaborate.

“Do I seem to you as someone who does not have a boyfriend in her life?” she inquired.

Jumwa and her accused boyfriend, Geoffrey Okuto, were charged with murder on Thursday in October 2020.

When they were charged with the murder of Ngumbao Jola, who was slain amid the turmoil that erupted during campaigning for a by-election in Ganda Ward on October 15, 2019, they both pled not guilty.

According to court papers, Okuto, the case’s first defendant, has been in a steady relationship with Jumwa since the senator divorced her husband 20 years ago.

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Aisha Jumwa and President Uhuru Kenyatta. /PHOTO: COURTESY