‘I’m Not a Single Mother – Lilian Muli Says

'I'm Not a Single Mother - Lilian Muli Says

Why Lilian Muli doesn’t allude to herself as a single parent (mother)?

Television character Lilian Muli has opened up on the way that parenthood changed her.

The mother of two says she has needed to change her life as she is a mother to young men. Talking during a meeting on Jalango TV, Muli shared.

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“Parenthood has caused me to acknowledge you need to fill in the holes.

You can’t say since daddy is occupied you cannot go to football matches.

My discussions must associate with what they like.

I have turned into a fiery girl, the heels took a rearward sitting arrangement since I am outside.”

Asked how she has been overseeing life as a single parent, she said, “I don’t call myself a single parent since I have individuals present in my life whether it’s my siblings or my father.

I say I am doing all that I can to ensure they (kids) never feel the hole.”

On whether she anticipates having another child, Lilian reacted, “I can never have another child.

I have for a long time needed child young men since I grew up among young men.”

‘I’m Not a Single Mother – Lilian Muli Says