Itumbi Will Be Questioned by Police About His Kidnapping and Abuse

Detectives intend to question Dennis Itumbi, a controversial blogger and Deputy President William Ruto’s digital strategist, over his alleged kidnapping and torture.

Before obtaining Itumbi’s statement, investigators claimed they were waiting for him to recuperate in the hospital and be able to speak with him.

On Christmas Eve, the crew will speak with witnesses who saw the scene occur outside a barber shop in Thindigwa, Kiambu county.

These interviews will provide them with a clear picture of what happened.

The crew has yet to get to the accident site.

They stated they were unable to locate an automobile believed to have been involved in the kidnapping.

Witness descriptions of the car do not match those in official documents, according to authorities.

“It will be crucial to hear from him (Itumbi) rather than his buddies or politicians.” We’ll wait until that time since a lot will be revealed about the investigation and motivation,” a senior officer familiar with the investigation said.

Itumbi has been a pain in the flesh of prominent government officials, whom he has labeled land thieves in several cases. He’s been referring to a senior police officer as a “puppet” and tagging his targets on social media.

According to police spokesperson Bruno Shioso, they are investigating the incident to determine the purpose and people responsible.

“We ask the public to be patient while the investigations are underway and to refrain from conjecture,” Shioso added.

“We also urge anybody with knowledge about the event to volunteer and report it to any police station or call our hotline at 999,112 or 0800 722203,” says the statement “he said

Itumbi is still in the hospital after being discovered with injuries after a violent kidnapping. Those who saw him on Saturday said that he is chatting, in good spirits, and not in danger.

Itumbi was kidnapped on Thursday and beaten up before being left nude on the side of the road in Kasarani’s Lucky Summer neighborhood. He was discovered by a taxi driver with injuries all over his body.

On Friday morning, he was transported to the hospital.

The reason for this has yet to be determined.

His cellphone was vanished.

Itumbi said that the guys who kidnapped and beat him up pretended to be police officials, according to his brother David.

The accusations have been refuted by the police. As they drove about with him, his kidnappers seemed to switch automobiles.

Itumbi’s cell phone signal was triangulated near Kigwa in Ridgeways, but he was not discovered there.

Itumbi’s brother David got a call at 11:22 p.m. from a number that belonged to MR Makokha, the taxi driver who had seen Itumbi limping near Kasarani stadium.

“Itumbi was badly hurt and in excruciating agony after being tormented for hours while his kidnappers drove him about the city. He was finally tossed out of the automobile and left for dead in a bush “His brother expressed his thoughts.

“He crawled to the next road, where he sought assistance from boda boda riders, where Mr Makoha recognized him and volunteered to assist,” a group of MPs stated.

Makokha dressed him warmly and drove him to the hospital.

The lawmakers went on to say Itumbi was subjected to severe torture, including hammering his limbs repeatedly, and he suffered soft tissue damage as well as fractures.

Itumbi acknowledged that his kidnappers took turns hitting him, according to them.

The kidnappers handcuffed him behind his back and bound his legs together with a rope.

On various instances, the outspoken writer has taken aim at key government leaders.

The event  has sparked conjecture and blame games on social media.