Jux Announce to Launch King of Hearts Album Soon

Jux Announce to Launch 'King of Hearts' Album Soon

Tanzanian music artist Juma Mussa Mkambala or if you prefer Juma Jux, has announced that he will be launching his new album titled “King of Hearts” soon.

Speaking to reporters at the launch of Maua Sama songs, Jux said that preparations for the art work have been completed but they must undergo several procedures before officially launching it.

He says he has involved several artists in the new work inside and outside Tanzania while mentioning countries such as Jamaica, France and Africa but did not want to name the artists.

King of Hearts is the second album from the 32-year-old artist who used to be Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend after the first album known as “The Love Album” of 2019. It contains 17 songs and has included artists such as Nyashinski of Kenya, Gnako, Tommy Flavor, Diamond Platnumz, Vanessa Mdee, Singah, Q Chief and Joh Makini all of Tanzania.

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Regarding the image of a kiss between her and Kenyan model Huddah Monroe which the actress uses to advertise her lipstick products, Juma said there is no problem even using it.

The photo is based on a video of Jux’s song “Simuachi” in which Huddah starred. Journalists wanted to know if they had agreed to use the images to advertise the product where Jux explained that he was very supportive of the dedicated sisters and that is why he attended the Flower Same event.

Jux Announce to Launch King of Hearts Album Soon

Kenyan actress-socialite Huddah Monroe and Tanzanian musician Jux. /PHOTO: [COURTESY INSTAGRAM]

Jux Announce to Launch King of Hearts Album Soon