Kajala Joins Tanzanian Artist Artists Who Are Few

Frida Kajala was officially announced as the manager of a music company by the name of Konde Worldwide Music which is owned by her boyfriend Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize.

The statement was made for the first time by Choppa who is the manager of the Harmonize artist.

Kajala is now joining a handful of female artists’ managers in Tanzania such as Zuchu’s manager known as Dorice Mziray. Aside from being Zuchu’s manager he is also a close friend of the artist and used to give him a car.

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Christine Mosha who many know as Seven has been managing artists in Tanzania for some time now through the company Rockstar Africa. He oversees artists such as Young Lunya, Aslay, Ommy Dimpoz as well as Abby Chams. Seven has overseen TID artists, Lady Jaydee and Ali Kiba as well.

Another female artist manager in Tanzania is a German who works with Harmonize company Konde Music Worldwide. Beauty Mohamed Mmari has been with the company since its inception and appeared to be very supportive of Harmonize when she was said to have spent money to get a large number of people watching her song “Sandakalawe”.

Regarding Kajala’s experience in her new career, Choppa defended her, saying that Kajala is well versed in the music industry in Tanzania as she has been in the film industry.

He also said that he will be overseeing the affairs of all Konde Music artists which are Harmonize, Ibraah, Anjella, Cheed and Killy.

Kajala Joins Tanzanian Artist Artists Who Are Few