Kamiti 3 Terrorists Taken To Anti-Terror Secure Police Station

The three terrorists convicts who had gotten away from Kamiti Maximum Security Prison at 1 AM on Monday, November 15 have been moved to the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) central command.

The state informed Kahawa Law Courts senior head officer Boaz Ombewa that their getaway was worked with by the infamous Al-Shabaab fear bunch supported by maverick jail superintendents.
Simultaneously, the state was conceded 10 days to confine them as examinations on how they figured out how to get away from proceed.
The exchange to the central command situated along Ngong Road, Nairobi, one of the most protected offices in Kenya, comes in the midst of advancement disclosures by criminal investigators working the break case after two cell phones utilized by the three were gotten.
Criminal investigators from Cyber Crime Unit are translating correspondence from the two telephones to disentangle the correspondence way among the triplet; Musharaf Abdallah Akhulunga (Shukri), Mohamed Abdi Abikas (Mohamed Ali Abikar) and Joseph Juma Odhiambo.
The investigators are likewise quick to build up who assisted convicts with getting away from jail and escape to Malalani in Kitui County, exactly 300 kilometers from Kamiti and a half breath to Tana River County, Garissa lastly Somalia, undetected.
The multi-organization group is likewise keeping watch for two vehicles, one accepted to be their escape vehicle while the other accepted to be on reserve that slipped them into Somalia.
Moreover, police are looking for two vehicles accepted to be essential for the escape plot of the three. One of the vehicles is said to have gotten the three external Kamiti right to Kitui.
The subsequent vehicle was supposed to be a twofold lodge which was looked for and was said to have been on backup on the furthest edge to finish the arrangement on sneaking the three dread suspects into Somalia.
Following their break, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) offered a Ksh60 million compensation to any individual who might assist specialists with tracking down them, with a few group coming out to guarantee that they supported finding the convicts and at last capturing them.
Inside Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, while inviting back the three convicts to the office, was mum with his reaction on whether or not the public authority will compensate a man who professed to have tracked down them and driven police to their area.
He had prompted Kenyans not to guess on issues but instead to trust that the public authority will react in regards to the issue after they raised interest minutes after the threesome was accounted for to have been gotten.
“No…no…no, we are not going there right now. Let us not be theoretical with regards to this. We will deal with this fastidiously as my partners have said.” the CS answered.
The man was recognized as Paul Mwaniki, from Mwingi in Kitui County and his selfie with the triplet circulated around the web via online media. He described how he had driven endeavors in encompassing the threesome after he spotted them at Endau Malalani Ward, having voyaged just about 160 kilometers from Nairobi to the distant town looking for their course to Somalia through Boni Forest.
He took a selfie of the three upon the fear of the threesome and noticed that they looked depleted and hungry. Mwaniki likewise thought about how they figured out how to cover that broad distance to the far off town, sidestepping the extreme security reconnaissance and hills of road obstructions set up along significant interstates out of Nairobi following their break.