Kamoa App: Complete Loan Marketplace Information and Contacts

Kamoa App: Complete Loan Marketplace Information and Contacts

In Kenya, the Kamoa App is a lending marketplace where borrowers may get rapid, reasonable loans.

Interest Rates and Loan Limits for Kamoa Loans

With a sea of loans, the app restricts loan amounts to KES 500 to KES 40,000, which are transferred quickly to borrowers.

The interest rate for Kamoa loans is 1732.71 percent APR.

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There are many different lenders to select from.

The maximum borrowing amount is rather large.

Repayment period is reasonable.

Borrowers improve their credit scores.

Kamoa’s disadvantages

Borrowers do not communicate with lenders.

How to Install and Use the Kamoa App

You must first download the Kamoa app from the Google Play Store and establish an account before you can start applying for loans from the various lenders.

Kamoa loans may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including business, school fees, bill payment, and travel expenditures.

How to Pay Off Kamoa Debt

The payback period might be anywhere from 9 weeks (more than two months) to 24 weeks (six months).

When loan payback is due, borrowers pay using MPesa paybill from inside the app.

Borrowers that pay on time or early receive access to larger loan amounts with lower interest rates.

Customer Service Numbers for the Kamoa App

There are currently no phone numbers for Kamoa. To receive assistance, send an email to the address shown below.