Karen opens for the first time about the rumors that the baby she gave birth to belongs to Diamond

Malkia Karen reveals that the baby she gave birth to belonged to a Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz. 

“I met Diamond at a show in Dar es Salaam near the place where I grew up in college. While I was in college studying nursing, I heard that Platnumz was coming to school, when I heard that I left the classroom and went to take a shower.” said Malkia
While Naseeb Abdul better known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz multi month prior on second October 2021 praised his birthday.
Malkia Karen, a Tanzania artist took to her Instagram page to share his photograph and inscribed, “Glad Birthday to my backdrop.” Diamond remarked, “KAREN BIN CAPTAIN, LAKINI MALKIA.”
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On their section News Beat, Ammygal the moderator called Karen to discover the explanation for the subtitle. Karen said that she respects Diamond musically and that is the reason she has his image as her backdrop.
Karen further added that Diamond is a motivation to him and she would one day wish to work together on a melody with the WCB, Wasafi CEO.
I was there, I went out to see what happened, we did that and then I got her pregnant, I gave birth safely, although I suffered a lot from that pregnancy”. Karen added
What’s your interpretation of this? Do you figure these two would be an ideal match?