KCB Loan Applications, Interest Rates, and Contact Information


KCB Loan Applications, Interest Rates, and Contact InformationKenya Commercial Bank (KCB) @kcbgroup is one of Kenya’s most venerable commercial banks.

KCB is known for its substantial capital base and financial soundness, and is sometimes referred to as the “rescue angel” when other commercial banks fail, such as the current Chase Bank crisis.

KCB is also one of the most widely distributed banks in East Africa, with branches in the youngest country, South Sudan.

Individuals as well as organizations and corporations can use the lender’s services.

There is also a segment dedicated to the Shariah-compliant community.

Loan Products from KCB

Home loans, estate development loans, Diaspora loans, Group loans, commercial loans, unsecured loans, secured loans, unsecured check-off loans, masomo loan, and salary advance are only some of the personal loan products offered by KCB.

Boresha loans for micro enterprises, startup and working capital loans for SMEs, Asset finance, Mavuno financing for agricultural firms, and mortgages are all examples of business/corporate loans.

How to Get in Touch with KCB Customer Service

Contactcentre@Kcb.Co.Ke Tel: +254 (20) 2287000 +254 (732) 187000 + 254 (711) 087000 SMS: 22522 Fax: +254 (732) 187001 +254 (711) 087001 Email: Contactcentre@Kcb.Co.Ke

KCB Bank Group on Facebook; @Kcbgroup on Twitter

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