Kenyans Are Harassing Sam Ogina After Eric Omondi’s Claims

In the event that you have been hiding away then you will probably realize that the meat between Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe exploded final evening.

Tragically, one individual has been hauled into the appalling undertaking is political issues writer, Sam Ogina. who was referenced by Eric in his dubious post final evening.
In his post, Eric asserted that he had laid down with Jacque when she was all the while dating Sam. Mr. Ogina in the mean time didn’t accept the news without a fight and discredited the claim saying that at the time his eyes were just for his exquisite spouse, Njeri.
“I Sam Ogina wish to completely deny the claims by Eric Omondi that I was dating Maribe in 2012.”  added
What he posted is bogus and slandering and allowed he to have confidence that I am coming for him.
At the time I was dating my beautiful spouse Njeri.
Sam would proceed to caution Eric that he would be coming for him after the insane claim.
After this performance, Kenyans on Twitter very much like their standard made Sam Ogina the top moving subject on that web-based media stage.
Sam Ogina’s marriage on the rocks after Eric Omondi pulls a whimsical move… Eric huwa youthful sana.. Kids with acclaim and money….
After 9 years, Sam Ogina will gain from Eric Omondi’s Instagram post that Jacque Maribe went behind his back with Eric Omondi. Haha