Kenyans warned against detaining three escaped prisoners

Kenyans warned against detaining three escaped prisoners

As the government intends to hunt down the three terrorists who escaped from Kamiti prison on Monday night, Chief Prisons Commissioner Wycliffe Ogallo has warned citizens against detaining three terrorist prisoners who escaped on Monday morning from Kamiti prison.

In a statement, Ogallo said the three detainees, Musharraf Abdalla Akhulunga, also known as Zarkarawi, Mohammed Ali Abikar and Joseph Juma Odhiambo also known as Yusuf, were dangerous criminals and anyone with information about their whereabouts should report it through a toll-free number. payment of 999,112 or at the nearest police station.

A reward of 60 million shillings has been promised to anyone who will provide information on their arrest.

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Ogallo has confirmed the arrest of three prison officials following the escape of the inmates who were serving prison sentences for their involvement in terrorism.

Homeland Security Minister Dr Fred Matiangi said the results of the preliminary investigation indicated that the escape of the detainees was due to incompetence in the prison.

Seven prison officials serving in the prison have been arrested in connection with the incident