Khaligraph Announces ‘Invisible Currency’ Album Launch Date


Rapper Khaligraph Jones has announced that he will officially launch the album “Invisible Currency” on March 7, 2022.

Speaking commercially via Instagram, Jones praised the work, saying no musician has ever produced a work like his.

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Khaligraph said that they were planning to launch the “Invisible Currency” today but decided it would be best to finish making the video for the first album, which is “Hiroshima,” which he has shared with Dax.

If you like Khaligrah Jones, she posted a cover photo, or if you like the cover of the album, which contains a list of all 17 songs, click here.

This is Kayole Nairobi’s second studio album.Her debut album is called “Testimony 1990,” which has 16 songs and was launched in 2018.

Songs on the Invisible Currency album include Invisible Currency, All I Need, Ikechukwu, Rada Safi, Ateri Dala in collaboration with Prince Indah, Am on the Move who sang with Blackway, Mother’s Prayer sung with Adasa, Kamnyweso shared Mejja, Wanguvu who has sung with Ali Kiba of Tanzania and Inner Peace who has sung with Kev the Topic.

The others are Tsunami, who sang in collaboration with Scar, How We Do, who sang with daughter Xenia Manasseh, Ride for You, who featured Nigerian Rude Boy, Bad Dreams, Flee, Hiroshima, who sang with Dax, and the last song on the album is called “The Khali Chronicles”.

Khaligraph Announces ‘Invisible Currency’ Album Launch Date