Klaudius – White Tiger (Geuzz Remix)

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Fast-rising recording musician, dancer, songwriter and music producer, Klaudius has released a new hit song tagged White Tiger (Geuzz Remix).

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This song “White Tiger (Geuzz Remix)” is a love song from his new debut project album titled Deep In Your Soul.

Deep In Your Soul is a new project album, committed exclusively to Afro House music. The project, created by DHB name proprietors Amerlegna and Nico P, aims to shine a light on upcoming Afro House specialists.

Their most memorable collaboration is with Belgian DJ and producer Klaudius and his track ‘White Tiger.’ This EP discharge unites the first blend in with Simone Vitullo and Geuzz’s dynamic remixes.

“Ngonyama” is the tiger, lion, or cheetah, yet it additionally implies power, so this melody investigates how big and strong we can be. “fits Oluhle, the vocal teammate on ‘White Tiger.'”

The first blend is strong and powerful, as the idea suggests, with epic Afrohouse soundscapes, ancestral electronic drumbeats, hypnotizing rhythms, and the air voice of entertainer Oluhle.

Simone Vitullo’s remix takes the center presence of the first blend and spotlights on solitary components, similar to the consistent drum and shaker circles and enlarging synth sounds. A profound bass throbs, as the vocal song is hacked and misshaped, distorting into new shapes and layers over the driving electronic scene. A spellbinding drop makes room for the distorted vocals and synth lines, which blend together before transporting listeners back to the Afro House scene.

Sub-bass and drum-weighty, Geuzz’s remix of ‘White Tiger’ takes on a more obscure state of mind, percussive and wealthy in profound tones. While giving recognition to Klaudius’ unique blend, there’s agonizing energy to the instrumentation and enchanting game plan, which messes with sequencers, synthesizers, and tireless rhythms. While resolute, the tune stays dynamic and far-reaching. The vocals don’t show up until 3 minutes into the melody, utilized as a surface as opposed to a lead part, while the drums evaporate, supplanted by a warm synth. The vocals dunk all through the track, supplemented by an assortment of synth designs.

Wrapping the collection up is a name remix, which concentrates on melodic circles, selecting the better subtleties. It takes audience members on an excursion, ebbing and streaming while at the same time inviting new snares and a variety of surfaces and flavors.

Each track on the ‘White Tiger’ EP fills a need, taking Klaudius’ unique entrancing blend and maneuvering it toward something sparkly and new yet totally recognizable. These remixes transport audience members to an Afro House universe, and it’s invigorating to feel that this is just the start.

DOWNLOAD MP3 Klaudius – White Tiger


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