KRA Punishes Tabitha Karanja for Her Participation in DP Ruto

KRA Punishes Tabitha Karanja for Her Participation in DP Ruto – She Has Decided to Close Her Keroche Breweries Indefinitely.

More than 250 representatives from Keroche Breweries will be jobless after the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) shut down the Naivasha-based plant over a Sh 322 million assessment column.

The shut down came even after the brewer asked the taxman for an effortless period to clear the expense commitment, saying the COVID-19 pandemic had unfavorably impacted its income streams.

CEO Tabitha Karanja appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to intercede, saying endeavors to get a group of people with the KRA Commissioner General had hit an obstacle.

Karanja uncovered that the power shut down the processing plant with more than 2,000,000 liters of brew worth Sh512 million still in tanks.

She said the alcohol would go to squander in seven days.

“This has depleted every one of our assets, and sadly, assuming nothing is done in the next seven days, we will be compelled to deplete all the beer and lay off more than 250 direct representatives,” Karanja said.

Sources said Karanja is being rebuffed by the Jubilee system for joining Deputy President William Ruto’s party, the United Democratic Alliance, last month.

Karanja is competing for the Nakuru Senate seat, utilizing the UDA party.