Kusah Threatens to Quit Music


Tanzanian Bongo Fleva musician Salmin Ismail Hoza popularly known as Kusah has threatened to withdraw from the music scene if the work he is preparing will not be popular and popular with many.

According to him the new tablet is expected to be officially released on the 17th of next month and he says he is sure it is a work of high quality.

“I am sure it is a Hit song by a large percentage and it will revolutionize Bongo Fleva as” I Wish “revolutionized, and unless I hit the music Naachaaa” These are the words of the Tanzanian musician who is the husband of actor Aunty Ezekiel.

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The musician posted on Instagram a picture of him sitting in the studio with his head bowed and writing the words underneath him.

Aunty Ezekiel added her comments under the photo joking that she would publicly release her Instagram Password that day.

The musician has grown rapidly in the field of music where his songs have been very popular in and out of Tanzania.

His song “I wish” shone on Kenya’s best music lists for several days. Kusah was under the management of music company Slide Digital but in recent days has been announcing another called “Winning Music”.

Kusah Threatens to Quit Music