Kwasababu Nilizaa! My family no longer loves me – Vera Sidika claims

Socialist Vera Sidika via her instagram page has claimed that the love she was receiving from her friends and family has gone to her child.

Vera announced the pregnancy of artist Brown Sales earlier this year, giving birth to a baby girl in October.

After giving birth Vera has been complaining on her instagram page the love she was receiving is given to her son.

“My family and friends do not love me anymore and I feel abandoned. All they care about is Asia. Love has changed. This one did not say goodbye or good afternoon. He went straight to the Asian business.

The girlfriend of musician Brown Sales claimed that she did not feel any pain during surgery and even after giving birth.

“I said I did not feel any pain since I had the operation until today but people do not believe me because they are used to old CS techniques that everyone was afraid of. Again they think we all go to the same doctor and hospital so they expect to feel the same pain as they felt”