Learn About the International Whiskey Wine Day

Learn About the International Whiskey Wine Day

Saturday 21st May this year is International Wine Day or World Whiskey Day.

The International Whiskey Wine Day is usually celebrated every third Saturday in May and is a day when people celebrate by drinking whiskey with friends while photographing themselves drinking whiskey and using it with their peers and this day is believed to be a great day. This is how to drink whiskey and enjoy good all the time.

The word Whiskey is of Greek origin, meaning the water of life.

About the International Whiskey Wine Day

The day originated in Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq in 2000, before Christ, but the first distilling process is believed to have taken place in the 100th century by Alexander of Aphrodisias when monks who traveled to Scotland fermented milled grain to make the first wine.

Learn About the International Whiskey Wine Day

A image of expensive Whiskey in the world. | PHOTO: FILE

Beginning in the early 1600s immigrants from Scotland who migrated to the United States introduced the process of brewing and soon wine became available throughout North America.

It was also in the year 1608 that industrial wine production first took place, before being revived in the 1770s and 1780s, during the liberation of the United States.

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In a bid to help the revolutionaries and the ongoing debt war, a new US government imposed tariffs on imported Whiskey, a situation that created tensions between the government and farmers who were growing wine presses and sparking revolt. a wine known as the Whiskey Rebellion between 1791 and 1794.

U.S. President George Washington sent troops to quell the uprising, and the situation remained tense with whiskey tariffs remaining until the reign of President Thomas Jefferson.

There were many changes and reforms in the 19th century with the invention of the whiskey wine press.

Here in Kenya the majority of people who use this wine are those who can afford it or who have a lot of money, and there is a perception that this is alcohol or what it is.

Many varieties of whiskey are sold at a price of 1200 shillings for the lowest price while the most expensive ones are sold at a price of 150,000 shillings if Johnnie Walker Odyssey 700 millimeters.

Some of the Whiskey sold in Kenya include Japanese Whiskys, Jack Daniels, Tennessee Whiskys, Bourbon whiskeys, Grants whiskys, Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet among other Whiskey wines.

A picture of whiskey, wines and spirits in the fridge at Bella Vista Club in Chavakali

A picture of whiskey, wines and spirits in the fridge at Bella Vista Club in Chavakali. | PHOTO: COLLINS OUMA