Linus Gitahi Chews the Sweets as Mwanyigah Flaunts Her Bikini Physique to Prove She Can Still Gerrit and Leave Men Yearning (PHOTOS)


Prepared media character Sheila Mwanyigah is as yet shining in spite of turning 40 years of age.

Sheila took to her Instagram page and posted photographs parading her ravishing body in a swimsuit.

Men couldn’t resist the opportunity to thirst over her exceptional body.

Sheila is yet to settle down in spite of her old age.

Word has it that she has a mysterious illicit relationship with Former Nation Media Group supervisor Linus Gitahi.

Gitahi is a successive guest to her loft in Parklands.

The two began the undertaking when Sheila was a host at NTV.

Taking a gander at Sheila’s hot body, Gitahi is one fortunate man.

See photographs.

Sheila Mwanyigah