List of the most popular Toboa Siri in Radio Jambo in 2021 ever

In fact, many chickens are sowing sorghum in a secret “Toboa Siri” unit, and if they fail to keep it and hide it, they pierce it all.

Many have been the wonders of Moses, and the amazing deeds that many citizens have been performing.
In this article, we will focus on ten secrets that have been circulating, and that are being circulated online after many have pierced and smeared millet.
In May of this year, a relative broke the secret of how he kept his wife from marrying her after she left him.
Here is his story;

During a secret penny, a man recounted how he kept his wife from getting married or having children after her divorce.

“I married a woman with a child after raising her child, I came out of work and found her carrying everything and returned to her ex-boyfriend and father of her child.

I took revenge and went to the doctor, saying I wanted them to separate and never see each other again, I spent 2,707 thousand

After a while the woman was taken to the man’s house and left at home and the man changed his phone number.
The doctor told me not to remarry the woman, I also kept her from getting married or having children again, a month ago she called me and told me that she wanted us to get back together but the doctor refused

Now I want to tell her the secret that I can’t get back together with her because the doctor told me not to get back together and I locked her up too, “he told the man.

The family was also shocked after a relative claimed that his family thought he had died while he was alive.

In addition, the man revealed the secret of how he ruined her fertility after circumcision, causing her infertility.

Here are some lists of 8 Toboa Siri in Radio Jambo that have been circulating online.