Lusaka Advises Luhyas to Groom Leaders in Order to Win the Presidency

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has urged the Luhya people to be patient and nurture their current leaders so that they may advance to higher positions.

Lusaka, speaking at the Lutacho Friends Church, said it was sad that the society had a history of removing old and experienced political leaders.

“Let’s stop tearing down our leaders who are ready for higher national seats; we need to be patient with them, correct them, and make sure they compete effectively with other regional leaders,” he stated.

Both former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto were raised in the Luo and Kalenjin communities, he noted, and are now national leaders.

He used himself and Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula as examples, saying they had been in public service for almost to 30 years and were now better positioned to carve a niche in Kenyan politics.

Lusaka urged other regional leaders to cooperate together, claiming that the Mulembe nation’s unification would give it more negotiating strength.

Despite the senator having run against him in past elections, he stated he was presently working with him.

“I made the decision to bury the hatchet with my brother Wetang’ula so that we might work together for the sake of our community. I’m not sure why other people weep more than the bereaved “Lusaka said.

The Senate Speaker, who has launched his candidacy for governor of Bungoma, said he chose to run after receiving pressure from locals who wanted him to return.

“I lost my seat and moved to Nairobi to continue my company,” he said, “but owing to the strain and suffering of our people, I will return home to finish the task that we began.”

Residents in Lusaka have been advised to vote intelligently in the upcoming elections, stating that their future is at stake.

News By Collins Ouma