Man’s Visit to a Witch Doctor Turns Disastrous – See the DCI Reports on the Incident in Kitui

Kenya Police Land Cruiser. /FACEBOOK
An incident between a man and a witch doctor turned fatal as a boisterous mob flocked to the witch doctor’s rescue.

Muthui Mwenga, 65, went to see a traditional’medicine man’ in Mwingi East, Kitui County, before an unnamed disagreement ensued.

The wails and screams of the well-known 80-year-old witch doctor, who has gained a strong name in Mathuki for his practice, were recorded by neighbors in the Mathuki neighborhood.

They flocked to his aid in large numbers very immediately.

They discovered him groaning in pain after the customer turned assailant had assaulted him on the head.

The enraged residents unleashed a barrage of projectiles on the customer, killing him instantly.

We urge members of the public to avoid taking the law into their own hands and instead report offenses to the police so that they can be investigated.

DCI is the name of the organization.