Maria Confirms That She Is Now 7 Months Pregnant With Rashid and He Has Dumped Her (PHOTOS)

Yasmeen Said, also known as Maria, surprised the internet when she disclosed that she is seven months pregnant with Rashid Abdallah, Lulu Hassan’s life partner.

On Thursday evening, Maria Wa Kitaa went live on Instagram to share the shocking news that has left many Kenyans worried.

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She admitted to having an illicit sexual encounter with Rashid Abdallah, claiming that he was the father of her child.

Maria, too, said that Rashid Abdallah assisted her with her acting condition.

Maria Citizen TV Pregnancy image
Maria Citizen TV shares her 7 months Pregnant bomb. | PHOTO: FILE VIRAL.CO.KE

She stated that she does not intend to end Rashid Abdallah’s marriage to Lulu Hassan, but rather that she simply wants Kenyans to realize who is responsible for her pregnancy.

“Good day, everyone. I haven’t been active on Instagram in a long time. Regardless, I have a remarkable affirmation today. Many of you parents have assumed that I am pregnant, and you have been on my back, demanding that I reveal who was responsible. However, here is the sensation: Rashid got me pregnant, which I am grateful for since he also provided me an acting role in the Maria series program “, Maria stated.