Maria Reveals That She Is Pregnant for Rashid and He Has Dumped Her

Maria Reveals That She Is Four Months Pregnant With Rashid and That He Has Deserted Her

Do you know that Maria has reveals that she is pregnant for rashid? – Yasmeen Said extensively know as Maria has shocked netizen after she revealed that she is 4 months pregnant for Rashid Abdallah, the life partner to Lulu Hassan.

Taking it to hee Instagram live on Monday evening, the performer broke the staggering news that left various Kenyans with apprehension.

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She certified that she had a sexual illegal relationship with Rashid Abdallah, whom she attested that, he was responsible for her pregnancy.

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Maria similarly revealed that she handled her acting situation with the help of Rashid Abdallah.She referred to that she doesn’t have an expectation to break Rashid Abdallah’s marriage with Lulu Hassan yet that she simply required Kenyans to acknowledge who was liable for her pregnancy.

“Hello there, people. It’s been some time since I was live on Instagram. Regardless, today I have an extraordinary affirmation. A huge piece of you parents have perceived that I am pregnant and you have been on my neck mentioning that I uncover who was capable. Be that as it may, here is the sensation, Rashid got me pregnant and I am happy for it as he moreover gave me an acting situation in the Maria series show”, said Maria.