Maria Series TV Show Season 2 Starting On This Date At Citizen TV

Maria Series TV Show Season 2 Starting On This Date At Citizen TV
Yasmeen Said alias Maria wa Kitaa with her work mate. /GOOGLE

Lulu Hassan who’s a commentator in Citizen television and moreover the chief executive Officer at couple of Jiffy Pictures which created Maria season 1 launched a few statistics to Kenyans that the second one duration of the play is likewise coming.

The African play was cherished with the aid of many individuals in the nation following that it changed into contacting the genuine instances of numerous humans.

The show was coordinated via Julian S. Meanzele, proposing Yasmin stated close by Brian Ogana and Bridget Shighadi of their first tv software.

Many individuals didn’t certainly receive that that the show was attaining a conclusion the second the maintain going scene become circulated on March 18, 2021 subsequent to having played 374 scenes.

A few Kenyans have now shown joy and interest on the arrival of Maria Season 2 from 15th December with large component trusting that it is going to be extra stimulative than how season 1 changed into. The coming season 2 will besides now not be played as the primary season.

This may be circulated multiple instances in seven days due to accessibility of a few matters that need to be broadcasted by using the regal television channel. It’ll be on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.