Mayau Dream Chaser Alias Mitumba Man Drops “Asante” Music Video

Sande Mayau Dream Chaser popular known as his stage name Mitumba Man /FILE

Sande Mayau Dream Chaser, famously known as Mitumba Man has released a brand new music video tagged Asante along the web roads.

This song “Asante” is his first song to be released since he was known to be a strong man in the clothing business. Dream Chaser has managed to release this song to thank his God.

The 28-year-old went to the spotlight for humorously showcasing mitumba clothing in Kisumu.
Sande turned into a moment hit on Social Media with his comedic and humorous showcasing system, giving silly potential situations for his dress choices.
As of late, Sande sacked an arrangement with a top Men’s design organization, Devine Collection.
Sande, otherwise called “Mayau dream chaser” was promptly traveled to Nairobi on Wednesday by means of the recently dispatched Renegade air in front of his Partnership with Devine Collection.
In a meeting with Jalang’o on Thursday, Sande uncovered he has been offered a five-year contract with Devine Collection.
Mayau dream chaser will turn into the primary brand minister of Devine Collection and will be dressed, get a month to month compensation just as convenience from the organization.
On his Mitumba business, Sande said, “I like doing it, it is tied in with tolerating your work, being glad for it. If you engage your clients they will advance you. The more you engage a woman, the more they purchase,”