Meru Senator Mithika Linturi Captured Over Madoadoa Comments He Made in Ruto’s Convention in Eldoret

Analysts from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have captured Meru Senator, Mithika Linturi over disdain comments he made during a public assembly in Eldoret on Saturday.

The congressperson, who is a nearby partner of Deputy President William Ruto, was among more than 100 administrators who accumulated at Eldoret Sports Grounds. 

During the vivid function that was painted yellow and green, Ruto sent off his official bid and Linturi was among the people who talked during the very much gone to service.

In his discourse, Linturi was heard saying “Sisi tunataka kuwa kwa serikali inayokuja lakini nawaambia watu wa Uasin Gishu msicheze na Kenya na kile nawaomba ni kwamba madoadoa yale mliyonayo hapa muweze kuondoa.

“Hatuwezi kuwa tukisimama na William Ruto kule Mt Kenya na mko na wengine hapa hawasikii na hawawezi ungana naye… “

This freely makes an interpretation of to, “We need to be in the coming government however I need to tell you, individuals of Uasin Gishu, not to play with Kenya and I am requesting that you eliminate the spots you have here.

“We can’t remain with William Ruto from Mt Kenya yet you have individuals here who don’t tune in and can’t collaborate with him.”

On Sunday morning, Linturi was captured and taken to Nakuru where he will be charged in court on Monday over affectation and disdain discourse.