Missy Elliott Starred in Hollywood Walk of Fame

Musician Missy Elliott burst into tears on Monday, November 8, 2021 when she was honored at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Missy star is 2,708 in the region that was established in 1961 with the first 1,558 stars.

Missy whose real name is Melissa Arnette Elliott is a four-time Grammy-winning musician, songwriter and music producer.
Speaking at the inauguration of the star, Elliott thanked all those who have helped make his career as a musician such as Timbaland, his music company and all the female hip-hop style musicians who preceded him.
Elliott, now 50, said that 20 years ago he was visiting a tourist attraction, seeing the stars of others, and thinking that he would like to see them.
The Elliott star has been set up outside the new Amoeba Music store on Hollywood Boulevard and there are other musicians who will be housed outside the store.
Missy Elliott or Melissa Arnette Elliott was born on July 1, 1971, in Portsmouth, Virginia, and started working as a musician in 1991 when she formed a group of female musicians where they sang R&B style and became known as Fayze.
His friend and neighbor Timothy Mosley, later known as Timbaland, was the band’s music producer.
The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a hiking trail along the buildings in the Hollywood area where the stars of people who excelled in the entertainment industry are housed. 
The target audience is musicians, actors, film directors, music and film producers and cast groups.