More than 100 athletes attend Athletics Kenya Kisii conference

More than 100 athletes attend Athletics Kenya Kisii conference

More than 100 athletes attended the Kenya Kisii County Athletics Association conference earlier on Tuesday.

2004 Olympic silver medal champion Isabela Ochichi emphasized the need for female athletes to be vigilant against abusive male coaches and recommended that the Kenya Athletics Association train women coaches to help athletes cope with life.

“If you look there are male coaches who abuse female athletes, and this will be resolved if Kenya Kenya trains female coaches who will be close to these young female athletes and give them advice and direction,” said Ochichi.

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Ochichi, who currently trains young athletes in Kisii County, believes that if athletes talk about themselves, a number of mistakes and tragedies will be avoided.

“If Tirop had found someone to talk to earlier about what he was going through in his marriage he probably wouldn’t have gotten to the point of being killed and going through a forum like this only where budding athletes can be educated on issues like this” added Ochichi

The 1972 Olympic champion, in the 400-meter race Charles Asati, described the need for retired athletes to support the rising generation and also stressed the need for the government to address the interests of the retired.

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“Like me I am currently training young people in my camp, since I retired and I am also asking other retired athletes to come forward to help, those who are young and I also ask the government to look after the interests of retired athletes” said Thank you