Moses Kuria Is One of the World’s First Patients to Receive Stem Cell Treatment

Moses Kuria Is One of the World's First Patients to Receive Stem Cell Treatment
Moses Kuria, Gatundu South MP, has been admitted to Karen Hospital. /KENYANS.CO.KE

Moses Kuria, the Gatundu South MP, has been absent from the political scene since an accident in September that changed the path of his life.

Kuria is presently receiving treatment in a world-class facility in Dubai, and is set to undergo a rare Stem Cell surgery on his feet this week to speed up his recovery.

He’ll be one of the first patients to have the life-changing operation, which will help him recover from injuries that have left him immobile.
By promoting skin regeneration, lowering fibrosis, and improving scarring, the rare stem cell technique helps to speed up the healing of a burn site.
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“I am slated for stem cell surgery this week,” Kuria said from his hospital bed in Dubai in an interview with a local radio station. “This is an unique treatment, and I will be among the world’s pioneers to endure it.”
Kuria is counting on the facility’s expertise and latest equipment to help him recuperate and continue his work.
After using an electric mat to treat tingling in his feet, the controversial politician received third-degree burns on his feet.
He is still pursuing legal action against Total Ceragem Africa Limited, the alternative care medicine distributors who supplied the Ksh250,000 mat that injured him.
“The corporation must accept accountability. I’ve contacted the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, and a criminal and civil investigation is underway because I believe this is a fundamental and paramount matter for Kenyans, and I’ll make sure I get to the bottom of it,” he told a parliamentary committee.
He defended his actions, claiming that he was investigating the incident to prevent another Kenyan from suffering the same fate at the hands of the firm.
The outspoken legislator claimed that he will sue the corporation in his personal capacity, accusing them of being indifferent to the situation.
Ceragem CEO Vincent Omala defended the company’s products, including the electrified mat, and maintained that no similar complaints had been made about it.