My wife left me 4 months after our wedding and married her ex-boyfriend

My wife left me 4 months after our wedding and married her ex-boyfriend

Be careful about the person you promise to marry. There are people who come into your life with different intentions and most people will give you stories of how they were affected.

But there is pain that cannot be relieved by someone saying sorry. That kind of pain is like Jared going through.

After a romantic relationship that lasted for three years and her fate turned out to be a permanent marriage, Jared had no doubt that his wife would be Stacy forever.

If you told him that in the next two years they would not grow up together then he would immediately call you the greatest enemy of his development.

You may think that you know someone until they do something and then you realize that my friend does not know you at all.

Can You imagine after Jared married Stacy in a lavish wedding, suddenly his girlfriend began to change her behavior and do things that were not understood.

Once Stacy started getting activities that were not in the plans.

Jared realized there was a problem and his emotions did not betray him.

It was clear that Stacy had been seduced by someone else but Jared wondered why he did not speak openly so that they could officially divorce.

But the big ones on the way had hit Jared! Stacy was in love with her ex-girlfriend The girl shamelessly woke up one day and told Jared that ‘You are not mature enough for me, but my ex is’.

To Jared, all of this was like a dream come true but it was really the beginning of a dance.

He didn’t understand how a girl they had been in a relationship with for so long and even tied the knot of life with him could say that he wanted his ex.

“Four months later he left me and returned to his ex, I think he loved me for my money

I really didn’t understand how he left me after going through so much with him.”