Ngunjiri Wambugu Talks Later Jubilee Party Was Destroyed by Ruto’s UDA in Kiagu Ward by-political Race

Nyeri Town Member of Parliament, Ngunjiri Wambugu, hosts ended his quietness later Jubilee Gathering lost the Kiagu ward by-political race that was hung on Thursday to the recently framed United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

In the by-political race, UDA competitor Simon Kiambi earned 2,440 votes while Moses Kuria’s Chama Cha Kazi (CCK) applicant came a nearby second with 1,823 votes.
Celebration’s competitor Samson Kinyua Magambo came third with 1,609 votes.
Talking about the Jubilee Party rout, Wambugu who is an impassioned ally of the decision party, said four months prior later Jubilee Party lost the Kiambaa parliamentary seat to UDA, he prompted the party fat cats not to handle an applicant in Mt Kenya but rather they never paid attention to him.
Ngunjiri encouraged the Jubilee party individuals to put together a National Delegates Conference to talk about the way forward and to set down designs to guarantee it makes strides again prior to handling applicants in Mt Kenya by-races.
Notwithstanding, they overlooked his recommendation and that is the explanation President Uhuru Kenyatta’s driven party was humiliated in Kiagu Ward, Meru County.
Ngunjiri closed by saying Jubilee has a place with them and that they will fix it.