NTSA trains Mombasa County bodaboda staff

In an effort to deal with road accidents, especially caused by pickaxes, the Boda Boda Road Safety Association (NPAA) has partnered with the National Road Safety Council (NTSA), as well as the NYS, to provide training to road safety workers in Mombasa County.

Upon completion of the training, the boda boda operators will be licensed in an effort to reduce road accidents allegedly caused by the operators.
Many boda boda operators and their passengers have often been blamed for ignoring traffic rules.
Francis Ngala, treasurer of the Kisauni sub-county branch, acknowledged that the industry, despite providing youth employment, did not have a good track record of road safety.
One Mombasa businessman, engineer Mkala Charo Chitavi, said many young people depend on the boda boda industry for their livelihood. He encouraged them to save and invest in projects to improve their living conditions.