Octopizzo joins Sarkodie before releasing the new Album

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Octopizzo has been taking significant actions in the background as he is preparing to deliver one more studio project album-collection Jungle Fever.

Octopizzo isn’t just trying sincerely however intelligently than some other rap artistes out there, his moves are consistently uncommon contrasted with different rappers, and since he had the chance to spend time with the unparalleled.

The Highest otherwise known as Sarkodie has given hip bounce heads chills and excitement to pay attention to his impending assortment of work that will be a subsequent studio project after his last studio album collection ‘Jungle Fever’.

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Octopizzo’s past studio project album-collection “Jungle Fever” showed one more side of Octopizzo that demonstrated with practically no shadow of an uncertainty that he has developed as an artiste and that he has outperformed any level he had set for himself prior to starting his music vocation.

The Kibera addressing rapper who is additionally an extremist and youth representative past studio project was more with regards to sound and saying something as a skillet African rap artiste than about verses and stanzas yet knowing Octopizzo, he sure had some amazing comments on the studio collection.

It’s inevitable before the regarded rap act from the biggest metropolitan ghetto in Africa who likewise addresses destitution, ancestral conflicts, and issues concerning youth in his melodies discharge his new studio collection.

He hasn’t indicated on what’s in store on his impending studio collection, essentially not yet however sharing his photographs with Sarkodie in front of delivering his 6th studio collection gives us a few clues and any desire for having The Highest in one of the tracks on his studio collection which will be something enormous for rap and hip bounce heads.

Octopizzo whose genuine name is Henry Ohanga didn’t give any clues and additionally what’s in store in the inscription segment of the post that he imparted to Sarkodie together.

The ‘Ivo Ivo’ hitmaker guaranteed that he would share a connection for a pre-save and pre-request for his studio project, I say; better late than never!

Hip bounce heads who love Africa hip jump and rap can’t trust that this studio album-collection will drop currently despite the fact that we don’t have a clue about the name of the actual undertaking.

Octopizzo joins Sarkodie before releasing the new Album