[PHOTOS] See What Happened as a Range Rover Driver Overtook a Motorist on Mombasa Road

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After harassing him along Mombasa Road, an irate motorist has called out a man driving a Range Rover with the registration number KBZ 100M.

The motorist claimed on social media that the arrogant Range Rover driver tried to spray pepper into his eyes when he overtook him.

Apparently, the idiot believes that any driver of a large vehicle should not be overtaken.

He pursued him after overtaking him, and when they reached Mombasa Road, he attempted to pepper spray his eyes.


Fortunately, he had shut the windows.

“Shame on this so called driver who thinks he can’t be overtaken, so when I did overtake him, he decided to follow me and on reaching Mombasa road, he tried to pepper spray my eyes, luckily for me had closed my window, SHAME ON HIM AND RESPECT YOURSELF,” the disgruntled motorist said on social media.

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