[PHOTOS] Woman Passes on in a Accident in the Wake of Arriving From the Netherlands for an Unexpected Visit – She Kicked the Bucket Even Prior to Focusing on Her Family! Tear Doreen

A family in Uganda is grieving the troublesome demise of their girl, who died in a horrifying road accident.

The perished woman, who is recognized as Doreen Angee, flew back home for an unexpected visit for the happy season subsequent to going through 10 years in the Netherlands, where she functioned as a medical caretaker, model and artist.

She took her flight last week from the Netherlands with the expectation of surprising her family in Uganda and observing Christmas with them.

Tragically, she was engaged with a frightful street mishap along one of the significant expressways in Uganda, even prior to focusing on her family.

She supported genuine wounds and in the wake of being raced to the clinic, she was articulated dead on appearance.

Her family is currently making arrangements to let her go.

The following are photographs of the perished woman and a photograph from the location of the accident.

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